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Maintenance Request

Do you need someone to help you maintain your website? If so you are in the right place.

We offer maintenance plans (see below for details) and hosting plans with maintenance which you can save you even more. A lot of companies can get their website up and running but have a hard time maintaining it. It's expensive to have an employee on staff to keep it up-to-date and hard to find reliable part-time help. You don't have to spend a lot of money to maintain your website, not with Coey Tech.

Coey Tech has plans to keep your website updated with fresh content or to add and remove products to your site. Plus, host with us and you'll be signed up for our discounted rates in case you need more maintenance than we planned.

If you have a hosting or maintenance plan with Coey Tech, all you have to do is submit an email to us with your requested changes. We track your hours and let you know when you get close to using them up.

If you are an existing client without a maintenance package you can still submit an email stating you would like a maintenance plan added to your account with the changes needed to your site and we will send you an invoice before the work has been completed. Once paid your changes will be made. If at anytime work you submit will put you over your alotted maintenance time, we'll notify you before going forward. If you would like to move forward then we will bill you at a discounted rate.

TIP: If you have text changes to a web page, copy and paste your existing text from your website into the body of an email. Make your changes and send us the email (you can use a Word or text file for this as well). We can quickly make your changes in less time, thereby, using less of your maintenance time and/or decreasing your bill.

IF you did not design your site with us, YES we can still help you. We look at it like buying a car, just because you bought it elsewhere does not mean we won't help you maintain it, why not. Maintenance can be requested by emails, new customers will get an invoice and is paid up front, larger jobs can be split into two payments.

Here are our maintenance plans (click here for all our hosting plans and combination hosting and maintenance plans):

Hosting Type
Monthly fee
Set-Up Fee
Qtrly Maintenance
Adv M30
Secure M40
Secure M50
The M-Bomb M75

Detail description maintenance plans:

Hours per quarter
Monthly Fee
This Starter Packet gives you 1 hour of maintenance a quarter and a 5% discount on other hourly maintenance needed. A great package to keep your website up-to-date.
The advanced maintenance package provides 2 hours of maintenance a quarter and a 15% discount on other hourly maintenance needed. It is a good choice for a busier site that needs to stay updated.
The advanced maintenance package provides 2 hours of maintenance a quarter and a 15% discount on to her hourly maintenance needed. It is a good choice for a busier site that needs to stay updated.
Busy is good - we'll keep your website updated so you can keep your staff costs down! This packet allows for 5 hours a quarter or 20 hours a year. Plus, you get an additional 20% discount on all our rates.

M-bomb M75


Keeping someone on staff can be costly with healthcare, insurance and wages. Let us help you keep your site up-to-date with one hour of maintenance a month. Have an online store that needs updated, we can help. With 9 hours a quarter! and a 25% discount on all our rates.

Our Maintenance plans are a great deal, our hourly maintenance fees are $100 an hour! Sign up for one of our packets and receive up to a 35% discount! Maintenance packages for Coey Tech clients includes maintenance** work only. Would you like to sign up, send us an email. To see how many free maintenance hours you are entitled too, see chart above.

Pay for a year up front and receive an extra 15% discount!

In order to receive monthly maintenance allowances all bills must be paid on time.

**Maintenance is considered text changes, updating links, changes within the body of a page: text, links and pictures if already formatted. Maintenance is only provided after the current quarter has been paid and we do not rollover hours quarter to quarter – if paid yearly additional discounts apply and you can use any of the maintenance hours anytime during the year. Required length of hosting packet with maintenance one year.

One hour of maintenance equals 4 updates or more. To receive more updates per hour, if you are changing text in the middle of a page it is quicker to copy and paste all of it into your email, make your changes and then send it to us and we'll replace the entire text instead of having to do a search and replace. Be specific with your updates when sending them to us, tell us the page, where on the page and exactly what to change or replace. This way we will use up minimal time on your maintenance plans. Quick updates only take us about 6-10 minutes.

On the maintenance plans we add up your time per minute. If we start at 7:32 and finish at 7:41, your account uses up 9 minutes. If you were being billed you would be billed a quarter hour or 15 minutes.

If at any time the work you submit will put you over your allotted maintenance time, we'll notify you before going forward. However, if you would like to move forward we can either move your account up one level* or bill you for the remaining time. We bill per quarter hour, if you have the combination hosting maintenance plan then we will bill you at a discounted rate.



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